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Industry products of meat and poultry industry

Industry products of meat and poultry industry

The meat and poultry industry is the largest segment of U. In Fiscal Year , there were federally inspected, livestock slaughter plants in the U. An additional 3, plants process red meat, but do not slaughter. There were 2, federally inspected poultry slaughter and processing plants in the U.

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The United States Meat Industry at a Glance

Invalid Email. Invalid contact no. Special Symbols Not Allowed. Invalid Security Code. Processed poultry meat is derived from the processing and treatment of poultry meat to prolong its shelf life and to enhance its taste. These processes include use of chemical preservatives such as sodium nitrite.

Processed poultry has gained higher acceptance over the other meat, such as pork and beef, owing to high protein content and affordable price. Poultry meat has a higher demand among consumers, as it is less expensive as compared with other meat.

Increased intake of poultry meat due its high protein content amongst health-conscious individuals is a key factor boosting the growth of the processed poultry meat market. Get more information on this report : Request Sample Pages. The study of the processed poultry meat market in this report covers information on processed products made from meats of poultry such as chicken, turkey, duck and others geese, quail, guinea fowl, squab, pheasant.

The products, that use synthetic or organic preservatives such as sodium nitrite and salt, have been analyzed. These are ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat products. Processed poultry meat includes nuggets, patties, burgers, sausages, drumstick, cutlet, strips and other products.

Revenue generated from the sales of processed poultry products has been considered for market sizing, whereas the revenue generated from sales of fresh, raw and unprocessed poultry meat has not been included in the report. The processed poultry meat market is segmented on the basis of type of poultry, product type, end user and geography.

The type of poultry segment is further classified into chicken meat, turkey meat, duck meat and others. The product type segment comprises of cured and uncured products. End user segment is categorized into retail and food service industry. Key players in the global poultry processed meat market include BRF S. Health consciousness towards animal protein rich diet:. Consumer awareness regarding animal protein rich diet has grown substantially over the last few years. Consumers in the developed countries are now avoiding intake of protein rich diet, owing to its high saturated fat content, leading to severe health hazards.

In this scenario, poultry meat is the most feasible option for consumers. Increased health consciousness towards animal protein rich diet drives the processed poultry meat market.

In large sections of the world, number of working women has increased considerably. Processed and convenience foods are now gaining increasing acceptance among consumers owing to increased disposable income. Processed and convenience foods are gaining high acceptance owing to the rapid urbanization and changing life style.

Cost incurred to breed poultry birds are less than pork and beef. Thus, poultry meat is more affordable than pork and beef meat globally. As a result, cost involved in processing poultry meat products are also less. Price affordability factors have become important in developed as well as developing countries, owing to the economic consideration. Chicken is the most lucrative poultry product amongst all processed poultry meat products with regards to market attractiveness.

The popularity of chicken is usually attributed to its affordable pricing. Besides affordable pricing, the nutritional value of chicken meat has also contributed to its all-time popularity.

The significant market size of these materials along with a satisfactory growth rate ensures profitability and return to investment. Processed poultry meat made from turkey and duck occupy less market share as compared to chicken meat. Processed meat made from other poultry offer a comparatively lower return on investment. Table of Contents. List of Figures. List of Tables.

Processed poultry meat is a convenience food, which converts raw poultry meat into ready-to-cook meat products. These products are in high demand owing to the changing lifestyle of individuals, especially in the urban areas. Meat, such as pork and beef, are a rich source of proteins, but contain high saturated fats, which can lead to diseases such as heart attack and atherosclerosis. However, consumers prefer poultry products over other meat as they contain low saturated fats, making them a healthier option.

In addition, affordable price of poultry meat is the key factor responsible for its growing demand. Penetration of such retailers in these regions would support the growth of processed poultry meat market in future.

Government organizations in most of the countries, especially in China and India, have launched various initiatives to strengthen the domestic food processing market. This would eventually boost the growth of the processed poultry meat market. North America is the largest market for processed chicken meat in the world, owing to lower content of saturated fat in chicken.

It is anticipated that companies operating in the raw poultry meat market would adopt forward business strategy as a part of their business expansion to sustain the stiff competition in the market. Several companies operating in the world processed poultry meat market have adopted acquisitions, expansion and product launch as their key growth strategies to remain competitive and to increase their market presence.

For instance, in , BRF S. The prominent companies operating in the market have been proactively developing new products to cater to the changing preferences of consumers. Call us on U. Clients can easily download both quantitative as well as qualitative reports in PDF and excel formats. Start reading instantly. All prices in USD. To ensure high-level data integrity, accurate analysis, and impeccable forecasts. On-demand customization of scope of the report to exactly meet your needs. Targeted market view to provide pertinent information and save time of readers.

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Vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets are trending, but consumer demand for beef, chicken, pork and other animal protein continues to drive food industry sales. Due to its higher price point, meat will dominate dollar sales despite still trailing poultry in per-capita consumption volume. Yet despite meat's popularity and projected growth, this is not an industry without its fair share of scrutiny, comments David Sprinkle, research director for Packaged Facts. Thus in the years ahead, Packaged Facts predicts consumers will be mindful of their meat consumption, whether for economic, caloric, dietary, or ecological reasons.

Once production of your article has started, you can track the status of your article via Track Your Accepted Article. First self-published in , Poultry Science is an internationally renowned monthly journal, known as the authoritative source for a broad range of poultry information and high-caliber research.

Usually combined with lowered temperatures, it is a highly effective method for extending the shelf-life of food. Our experts will help you choosing the right food gas mixtures, depending on your products and production processes. Carbon dioxide inhibits the growth of most aerobic bacteria and moulds. Generally speaking, the higher the level of CO2, the longer the achievable shelf-life. However, CO2 is readily absorbed by fats and water - therefore, most foods will absorb CO2.

Meat & Poultry Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Compared with the rest of the livestock sector the poultry industry in India is more scientific; it is well organized and progressing towards modernization. From a backyard venture, it has made a quantum leap to emerge as a dynamic industry. Over the last three decades, there have been significant developments in the poultry industry with each decade focusing on different sectors. The seventies saw a spurt in egg production; the eighties an acceleration in broiler production; the nineties advances in poultry integration, automation and feed production Fig. The present decade promises to exploit value added products and the global trade avenue. The growth of the poultry industry is so fast that authenticated statistics are irrelevant by the time they are published. India has million laying hens and million broilers. The poultry industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. The overall growth rate of the poultry industry is percent per annum.

A Review of the Poultry Meat Production Industry for Food Safety in Indonesia

Not only do private-label meats allow stores to capture more revenue, if the private-label offerings are associated with quality and value, they can draw in customers to shop in other parts of the store. Recently, meat prices in the U. Marketers increasingly look to branding as a way to create a competitive advantage in what for a long time had been a commodity market. Organic and natural products are increasingly in demand, and those who can afford to pay more are showing a willingness to do so for what are perceived as better-for-you products. Looking ahead, it will be increasingly important for marketers to offer meat from sustainable sources.

The fresh meat and poultry serve as points of differentiation among food retailers that build up these departments as an important way that supermarkets and other retail food formats compete. The importance of meat departments for revenue of the stores and differentiation is a an important and key reason why supermarkets emphasize privately labeled meats.

A coalition of food companies dedicated to producing meat, poultry and seafood directly from animal cells. Together, the members of the Alliance for Meat, Poultry and Seafood Innovation AMPS Innovation are working to advance new methods of producing real, high-quality, safe meat, poultry and seafood products directly from animal cells, which, in partnership with the broader agricultural community, we believe will help meet the demands of feeding a growing global population. AMPS Innovation advocates for our industry through sharing our collective expertise, providing insight into our innovation, and committing to safety and transparency with all stakeholders, including industry partners, policymakers, advocates and consumers.

Labelling requirements for meat and poultry products

On December 14, , amendments to nutrition labelling, list of ingredients and food colour requirements of the Food and Drug Regulations came into force. Regulated parties have a five 5 year transition period to meet the new labelling requirements. This section summarizes the labelling requirements that apply to imported meat products definition which includes poultry products , as well as those that are manufactured, processed, treated, preserved, graded, packaged or labelled in Canada for interprovincial trade and for export.

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The U. The meat and poultry industry is responsible for 5. An estimated , people have jobs in production and packing, importing operations, sales, packaging and direct distribution of meat and poultry products. Wholesaling directly employs an estimated , individuals in all 50 states, and 1. All totaled, the meat and poultry industry packers, processors, wholesalers and retailers directly employs 1.

The meat and poultry industry primarily includes fresh cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and turkey, along with products such as bacon, sausage, hot dogs/frankfurters.

Meat Industry. KUKA robots in the food industry stand for efficiency and speed. The All Feather Association, progressively serving the industry through research, education, communication and technical assistance. Now, before you jump to the conclusion, CBD oil is made. Red Meat Industry Forum.

Poultry Science

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Meat Industry

Feeding the world in a sustainable way is one of our most pressing challenges in the coming decades. Meat plays a pivotal role in this. Meat is an important source of nutrition for many people around the world.

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Meat and Dairy Production

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