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Manufacture fabrication equipment for utility vehicles

Manufacture fabrication equipment for utility vehicles

HMFG has a diverse offering of high quality manufactured products and services to support the Mining and Industrial industries. HMFG is committed to continuously improving our processes and equipment to ensure adaptability to our customer's needs and changes in the industries we serve. To support this effort we employ an experienced staff of engineers, AWS certified welders, millwrights, and technicians and utilize the latest technology in software and equipment. HMFG supplies its products and services to some of the largest mining companies, contractors, and engineering firms in the USA and throughout the world. Our commitment to quality and continuous improvement have made HMFG the most trusted name in underground mine door systems. We offer multiple mine door and bulkhead systems to help control your underground ventilation model.

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Arcimoto Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV) Enters Retail Market

One thing mankind has gotten right over the years has been continuously innovating. The horseless carriage, an early name for the motor car, kicked off the automotive industry in the s. Up to that point, only animals, typically horses, reserved the right to transport people around. Even with that breakthrough, automobiles did not take off in popularity immediately. In their early years, cars were mostly purchased by wealthy individuals, primarily because of cost. European inventors may have developed the car, but it was Americans that embraced its production.

In , Henry Ford pioneered the assembly line for mass-producing vehicles, making them affordable for almost everyone. Prior to his invention, coaches and buggies were hand-built by skilled artisans, in small numbers, and at much higher costs. Ford's innovative design reduced the number of parts required, the skill required to perform the work, and the overall number of skilled fitters needed to get the job done.

The U. The personal automobile lets people live, work, and play in ways that were inconceivable just a century ago. Automobiles stimulate tourism and allow increased access to outdoor recreation across all 50 states. Whether someone is taking a road trip across U. This sub-industry of motor vehicle manufacturing involves companies that manufacture complete automobiles. According to Hoovers , passenger cars make up These motor vehicles drive on at least four wheels, are used for the transport of passengers, and contain no more than eight seats, in addition to the driver's seat.

Manufacturing companies in this sub-industry assemble light-duty vans, pick-up trucks, minivans, and SUVs. Light commercial vehicles LCV weigh up to 7 tons and are used for the carriage of goods. Companies in this motor vehicle manufacturing sub-industry assemble and manufacture heavy-duty trucks, heavy-duty buses, and heavy-duty motor homes.

These are vehicles that weigh greater than 7 tons. Motor vehicle production is big business, with manufacturing occurring across the entire globe. The good news, from a global standpoint, is that world production has been on the rise, as shown in the image below. However, towards the end of the 20th century, U.

Consumer preferences began to change, with an increased demand for better performance, and the U. American-made cars hit a record high production number in By , Japan overtook the U. As you can see in the chart below, which utilizes data from the U. Bureau of Economic Analysis , U. Today, China is the largest producer of motor vehicles, including cars, trucks, coaches, and buses, as shown in the following image.

With regard to U. Total production in America is directly behind China, due to the U. Over years later, the Model T is no longer with us, but the Ford Motor Company still maintains a dominant market position in this industry. Today, Ford produces sixteen vehicles every 60 seconds. The Big 3 automakers in the U. Here is a look at the top automotive companies operating in the U. To produce vehicles, automakers need plants.

Currently, three out of every five U. However, since the s, when Japanese car makers began opening auto production plants in the U. New assembly plants, operated by foreign automakers, began appearing all across the southern states. Today, there are a vast number of foreign auto plants operating on U. As you can see, automotive manufacturing plants are concentrated heavily in the Midwest and in the South. The map above shows where the following automotive plants are positioned in the U.

Here are the top producing American car plants from the list above. Assembly still combines standardization, interchangeability, and continuity. Automobiles flow to the individual worker at each specific workstation, with each worker performing a precise task. The assembly line remains the place where things come together in one spot.

There are several sub-assembly areas, like doors and engines, however, the assembly line is still where highly specialized employees make the vehicle come to life.

A modern automotive production line utilizes what is referred to as the division of labor. In this system, instead of each person performing an entire job from start to finish, everyone focuses on a small piece of the job, bringing the smaller parts together until the final vehicle is assembled. It is this innovative thinking that helped Ford mass produce those first Model Ts in and that approach remains the most cost-effective method of assembly today.

Building and assembling vehicles requires a complex assembly progression. We highlight the entire process and the hazards employees face change as the vehicle makes its way through the assembly process.

Keep in mind, each automaker utilizes its own unique manufacturing process. Others manufacture their complete engines, plastic moldings, and other parts at the in-house automotive plant. The flow chart below highlights automotive manufacturing as you move down the assembly line. Inspecting blanks, stamping metal parts and loading welding lines is where cut-resistant gloves and sleeves become a must.

Keep in mind though, PPE changes across each step of the manufacturing process. These are the core production stages found in auto plants, along with a full visual map showing the sequence of events.

Raw materials, such as steel, are shipped in via coils. The primary metals industry serves an important role in automotive manufacturing, occurring well before any raw materials show up at a plant. Be sure to check out our Primary Metals industry page for more information about their role. Workers have to handle stamped parts and feed the blanks into the machines to make different components: rear frame, panels, bumpers, and floor and side panels.

Body shops mig weld those areas of the automotive frame needing final welds, before the frame moves further down the assembly line.

Quality checks occur throughout the entire manufacturing process. This step ensures burrs are grinded and buffed out. The vehicle passes through sealed paint rooms, where the body is dipped into chemicals to prevent rust, and then primed, painted, and sealed. Assemblers fit items such as instrument panels, steering columns, and body glass into the vehicle.

Machines assist with loading these heavy parts and assembling them into vehicles. Workers have to be concerned with residual oil on engines and parts during this stage. Fuel tank, exhaust, and bumpers are assembled at this time, too.

The final assembly process is where the bulk of workers are found. Work at this phase of manufacturing involves the use of many power tools. Here, parts such as the seats, dashboard, and upholstery are fitted. Workers fill and top off fluids like oil, transmission fluid, and brake fluid in this step of production. Are there concerns that fewer people are employed in automotive manufacturing today and that those numbers continue to drop? Well, in Michigan, the answer is yes, with a decline of nearly 65, workers in Motor City compared to thirty years ago.

Robotics, technology, computers, standardization, cost reduction, and globalization have all played a part in reducing the total labor force. Every state is an auto state, as motor vehicle manufacturing represents the largest manufacturing industry in the U. There are automotive establishments spread out across the entire country. While every state has come connection to automotive, the majority of all motor vehicle manufacturing, more than half, occurs in three states: Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

Here are the overall top 10 states for auto manufacturing. One state that has seen a rise in auto manufacturing in recent years is Alabama, as you can see in the previous graph. When foreign facilities began moving to the U. S right-to-work states, where unions are not able to effectively organize. Here is a look at the occupations found in this industry.

Occupations When it comes to employment, there is a multitude of jobs available to workers in the motor vehicle manufacturing industry. The top three occupations found in this industry are the following:. Assemble finished products and parts. There are around , of these workers in the Motor Vehicle Manufacturing. You will find this worker assembling bolts, using many different types of tools, and moving heavy parts.

They construct finished products and the parts that go into them. These workers use many tools, machines, and most importantly need their hands protected. Common job titles for this occupation are Assembler and Fabricator.

Operate machines designed to cut, shape and form metal. There are roughly 14, employees found for this occupation. You will find these workers fabricating metal products, lifting heavy materials and working with their hands.

Common job titles for this position are Sheet Metal Worker and Welder. Lubricates machines, changes parts, and performs machinery maintenance. The Motor Vehicle Manufacturing industry employs a little over 10, of these workers.

Foton Motor

Valmont began in when founder, Robert B. Today, Valmont is a global leader of engineered products and services for infrastructure, and water-conserving irrigation equipment for agriculture. Learn More.

Edmunds Metal Works is dedicated to providing the most cost-efficient solutions to custom metal fabrication needs for our customers. Leave this field empty if you're human:.

Breaker Technology BTI is the rockbreaking expert in the construction, demolition, quarrying, and mining industries. We offer 15 different breaker models in three size classifications: small, mid-size and large. Experience has taught us that information and partnerships, combined with high-quality equipment provide great results. Its highly qualified sales and dealer network supplies and services mining and aggregate equipment worldwide.

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Lincoln Equipment

Beiqi Foton Motor Co. Foton Motor or Foton is a Chinese company which designs and manufactures trucks, buses, sport utility vehicles and agricultural machinery. Founded on August 28, , Foton manufactures light and heavy-duty trucks , agricultural tractors , and various other machinery. In August , the company started producing Foton Auman truck.

With respect to equipment, materials, parts and accessories manufactured by others, Lincoln's sole obligation shall be to use reasonable efforts to obtain the full benefit of the manufacturer's warranties. Lincoln equipment for sale.

TES selected Minero Diesel as a distributor for its reputation in the sales, rental and repair of equipment for underground mining, it said. Founded in , Minero Diesel is known as a dedicated distributor of underground mining equipment, TES said. In order to expand our footprint into Latin America, we wanted to partner with a company whose aftermarket, sales support and company trained technical support were aligned with our vision.

Vehicle Manufacturing

One thing mankind has gotten right over the years has been continuously innovating. The horseless carriage, an early name for the motor car, kicked off the automotive industry in the s. Up to that point, only animals, typically horses, reserved the right to transport people around. Even with that breakthrough, automobiles did not take off in popularity immediately.

Transport equipment manufacturing includes the manufacture of aircraft and other aerospace equipment, railroad equipment, motor vehicles and auto parts, motorcycles and bicycles, as well as the building, repairing and breaking of ships. The automotive industry The global production of passenger cars grew in by nearly 3 per cent. Increasing automation in the auto industry is transforming the skills profile of workers. Furthermore, emerging technologies such as electric cars and net based applications are reshaping the transport equipment manufacturing sector. For some people using a car has become more important than actually owning a car, and in response, new business models such as car sharing are being developed. Finally, environmental regulations and increasing demand for alternative mobility concepts are moving manufacturers to further adapt and innovate.


Bucket trucks are incredibly important to the industries that use them. Because so much of the power grid is connected through overhead means, and it must be managed and maintained, aerial lifts are essential to both the Power Distribution and Power Transmission Industries. Nearly every home and business in the United States is connected to the power grid, and so bucket trucks can be found throughout big cities and small towns, in suburban communities and in business districts. Bucket trucks are crucial to electric utilities and they are equally important to the telecommunications industry. A majority of non-mobile telecom data is transferred via overhead cabling. As a result, aerial lifts play a crucial role in the maintenance and servicing of the telecommunications network.

Global manufacturer of lifting and material processing products and services manufacturing, shipping, transportation, refining, energy, utilities, quarrying and Crushing, Screening, Washing, Grinding, Shredding and Conveying Equipment.

Kovatera is a privately owned Canadian corporation located in Sudbury, Ontario, the hub of underground mining in Canada. We specialize in the manufacture of purpose built utility vehicles for underground mining and focus on after sales parts and service support to ensure total satisfaction for our customers. We are ISO registered and adhere to a comprehensive health and safety program. Our on-site engineering department works closely with our customers as a solution partner and we are committed to continuous product improvement to help our customers lower their bottom line. Kovatera strives to be a leader in the design, safety and innovation of custom built underground mining utility vehicles.

Work truck bumpers

The characteristic assembly line for the finished vehicle is supported by separate manufacturing facilities for various parts and components. Vehicle components may be manufactured within the parent enterprise or purchased from separate corporate entities. The industry is a century old. Production in the North American, European and since the Second World War Japanese sectors of the industry became concentrated in a few corporations which maintained branch assembly operations in South America, Africa and Asia for sales to those markets.

Distinct segments of the automobile and transportation equipment industry produce:. The characteristic assembly line for the finished vehicle is supported by separate manufacturing facilities for various parts and components. Vehicle components may be manufactured within the parent enterprise or purchased from separate corporate entities. The industry is a century old.

Arcimoto , after years of development and refining its concept of an all-electric three-wheeler, in September officially launched retail production and deliveries of the Arcimoto FUV Fun Utility Vehicle.

Look to the new Kovatera brand for the toughest, most reliable and versatile underground utility vehicle in its class. Moving forward the company and its product lines will be marketed under the brand name Kovatera. The company is a recognized leader in purpose-built utility vehicles made for the rigours of underground mining. The Minecat brand has developed into a very respectable brand for our space in the Canadian underground mining industry.

Indoors or outdoors, moving people or goods, Taylor-Dunn offers vehicles to handle any application in any industry. Taylor-Dunn products can be customized for almost any application, from transporting people to moving material. Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer. Find Dealer. Moving Goods. Utility Vehicles.

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